The essential districts of the ocher city

Welcoming, festive, bubbling, that is Marrakech. The city has been able to evolve without denying its authenticity and inventing a modernity that belongs only to it. Unique and singular, Marrakech is a multi-faceted city. Discover its subtle alchemy through its unmissable districts.

In Medina, the eternal authentic

The old town remains the beating heart of Marrakech. Captivated by its adobe ramparts, it teems with life and sounds and feeds our imagination.

It is in the Medina that you can visit the architectural treasures that bear witness to its sumptuous past: The Koutoubia, the tombs of the Saadians, the Bahia Palace, the Medersa Ben Youssef, the Place Jemaa el-Fna, the souks, and so many other emblematic places of the Marrakchi culture.

For the pleasure of strolling

It is also a part of the city to explore without a specific goal. Just to appreciate the charm of its alleys, its labyrinthine derbs between shadow and light, its popular and less touristy districts. Don’t be afraid to get lost there, there will always be someone to help you and a small taxi to get back.

It is in the Medina that we found a number of everyday objects that make up “The Island of Stories” of Meydene. Because here, like nowhere else, we find the taste for strolling in a timeless daily life. Along your walk you will come across children going to the neighborhood oven, carts loaded with mints and aromatic herbs, donkeys carrying water at the public fountain, deliciously burning Sfenj merchants, small craftsmen’s workshops , tailors, embroiderers, spinners, poetic repairers of heterogeneous and obsolete objects.

Without really wanting it, the Medina preserves the singularity of traditional lifestyles. It will satisfy the desire of the patient flâneur in search of the soul of Marrakech.

The lifestyle destination, M Avenue, Zen, cultural and trendy Marrakech

At the heart of the residential and tourist center of Marrakech, M Avenue is the new Fashion, Shopping and Lifestyle destination of the ocher city.

This place of life aspires to live a unique experience of its kind. Thus, under the palm trees, among the red buildings, rise the contemporary components of M Avenue around green spaces and gardens. In the open air, shops and restaurants aspire to make you live a thrilling experience and make reign the harmony of the sweetness of life. This project of contagious enthusiasm makes the cosmopolitan people want to stroll freely, cross green paths and explore a whole range of facilities made available to families, children, tourists and residents.

M Avenue offers both the emulation of a place provided with all the services with the privilege of evolving in a secure and calm environment.

Timeless elegance at Majorelle

Le jardin Majorelle

One of the absolute musts of Marrakech, but you will have to know how to forget the crowd of admirers…

Follow in the footsteps of Yves St Laurent and stroll through this garden created by the painter Jacques Majorelle almost a century ago. This mythical place is inspired by Islamic gardens and composed like an impressionist painting. The garden elegantly combines orientalist dreams and botanical passions. It remains, thanks to the genius of Yves St Laurent, resolutely contemporary.

The garden gives us again and again an incredible aesthetic emotion! A clash of pure colors, exacerbated by the light of Morocco and daring juxtapositions inspired by Arab-Berber culture.

The iconic Bleu Majorelle villa houses a small Berber museum which is a real gem.

A very nice shop and a charming café-restaurant are also accessible to the visitors of the Garden.

– Please note: you must reserve your entry to the Garden on the website.

The Yves St Laurent Museum

Near Majorelle Garden, the St Laurent Museum allows you to prolong the elegance of the day. We discover the work of the couturier in an intimate and immersive scenography. The museum also hosts superb temporary exhibitions.

– Grouped tickets possible with entry to the Majorelle Garden.

A Bohemian Chic spirit infuses the district…

The Majorelle district is made for aesthetes and fashionistas. Its small boutiques and concept stores give pride of place to creativity and luxury craftsmanship. You will discover the latest trends and sharp selections gleaned from Morocco and elsewhere in Africa.

Creativity in the disruptive industrial district Sidi Ghanem

Originally, it was an industrial zone from the 1990s, with charmless facades, heavy iron gates, and a constant flow of trucks.

In the 2000s, pioneering artisans settled in Sidi Ghanem. They found it easier to work here than in the narrow streets of the Medina. These large spaces unleashed energies and imaginations. Building upon traditional know-how, people searched, experimented, challenged, and created new things in the converted workshop-showrooms. This marked the revival of Moroccan craftsmanship and the beginning of an ongoing success story that continues to write its most beautiful pages.

The all-encompassing hotspot of creativity

Sidi Ghanem is a hybrid neighborhood that houses industrial businesses while also hosting boutiques, workshops, galleries, showrooms dedicated to decoration, fashion, art, well-being, cosmetics, and gastronomy.

There are also great restaurants and tea lounges. If you haven’t discovered it yet, go and explore the joyful and subversive world of Hassan Hajjaj, considered the pioneer of Moroccan Pop Art. His ‘JAJJAH’ is an Art & Street Food spot that will put a smile on your face for the day!

The austere industrial zone has now transformed into a magnificent showcase of Moroccan creativity, attracting visitors from all around the world.

You can get there by car or taxi (20 minutes from the city center).