Marrakech Motors Show

Marrakech Motors Show at M Avenue

M-AVENUE became the epicenter of gathering for automobile enthusiasts from June 5th to 18th, as speed and elegance enthusiasts were irresistibly captivated by the mechanical splendor of the most prestigious manufacturers such as AUDI, HYUNDAI, SUZUKI, VOLKSWAGEN, SKODA, SEAT, PORSCHE…

In collaboration with Gentlemen Drivers, the Marrakech Motors Show came to life on M Avenue, offering a captivating spectacle spanning 500 meters, showcasing the latest automotive innovations in both conventional and hybrid models. For 14 thrilling days, it transported enthusiasts into a world of unrivaled innovation and performance.

Marrakech Motors Show: More Than an Exhibition

The Marrakech Motors Show, open to a diverse audience, provided an exceptional experience by offering 450 spots on the prestigious M Avenue, the main avenue of the ochre city, for test drives. These test drives allowed visitors to firsthand experience the unique sensations provided by the exhibited vehicles, adding an immersive and unforgettable dimension to the event.