A unique experience in Morocco and Africa

Our fully immersive journey

I am Marrakech

The first stage of our immersive 2.0 journey is titled “I am Marrakech,” a way to meet the people of Marrakech and a space where Moroccans and expats share their daily lives in the red city.

During this stage, the people are featured on digital totems, a result of a casting process involving over 400 individuals, including 110 residents of Marrakech who shared their stories about their Marrakech.

Their testimonies convey their stories, dreams, passions, loves and struggles, revealing the identity of the city and what it means to be a Marrakchi.

They will speak to you as they would be if you crossed paths with them in the streets of Marrakech, an enchanting city whose history dates back to the 12th century and which became the capital of two empires.

Discover this unique and inspiring place where you will undoubtedly find some of your own emotions.