“Meydene, a perfect marriage between Art and Technology”

Located in the heart of the tourist and residential area of Marrakech, Meydene is the new cultural and artistic destination of the red city. A true attraction hub, this space enriches M Avenue, a mix of real estate and commercial projects.

Meydene, whose building is a parallelepiped of 3,000 m2 at the service of culture, aims to be, at first, a gateway to Marrakech and its surroundings. This unique address brings together under its roof the cultural wonders of the country and immerses its visitors, through an immersive journey, in the culture, art of living, know-how and spirit of the city’s inhabitants, even if only for a nomadic trip.

Today, cultural initiatives such as Meydene are transforming Marrakech into an international center for art and culture. It invites you to live a unique experience under its roof which houses a private theater with 402 seats, a permanent exhibition gallery, a 2.0 immersive journey and a rooftop restaurant “Le Douar” which offers its guests an authentic immersion in Moroccan culinary art.

Strolling through Meydene is an opportunity for families, children, residents and tourists to experience the charm and cultural wonders of Marrakech in a different way.

Our History


In 2013, an international firm was entrusted with the design of the entire new “M-Avenue” project. The idea was to create a new ecosystem that includes several components, making M-Avenue a true urban center.

The project, entirely dedicated to the art of living and the cultural diversity of Morocco, could not have been realized without the cultural component “MEYDENE”. Being the core and the lung of the project, MEYDENE represented a real challenge as it was necessary to come up with a concept that was unique and innovative in its kind, and that was neither a museum, nor a gallery, nor an exhibition, since all of these already exist in Marrakech.

The idea was also to respond to the expectations of the new generation through the use of new technologies and especially by simplifying the message, as culture and art are often perceived as elitist. Thus, with Meydene, the objective was to democratize this notion of culture.

Meydene is the result of several years of study and reflection, specifically through its “Le Parcours” which required 5 years of work, as the goal was to interest all categories of visitors regardless of their age or origin. The objective was also to bring visitors closer to the culture of Marrakech and its inhabitants.

Through the 2.0 immersive “Parcours” and its 5 stages, Meydene has allowed the interpretation of the city’s culture, but in a different way, without necessarily competing or replacing other structures that exist in the city. Its existence is based on an unprecedented and grandiose concept, making Marrakech an international cultural and artistic destination.

Our Values

At Meydene, we believe in the importance of creating a space for freedom of expression and open dialogue for everyone. It is a place for meeting and sharing where the public and artists can exchange and enrich each other.

We make it a point of honor to welcome our audience in a friendly and respectful environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. We hope that you will come and share with us these moments of culture and discovery.

Within Meydene, we celebrate Creativity, Authenticity, Tolerance, and Generosity. Thus, we aspire to be a central locomotive of M Avenue where various cultural and artistic events are welcome.


Art goes hand in hand with creativity, one cannot be complete without the other. That's why creativity is a fundamental pillar of Meydene's essence and an inexhaustible source of wonders.


We are committed to promoting the colors of authentic African, Moroccan and especially Marrakchi art while highlighting contemporary touches. It's a subtle journey through time for the fulfillment of all generations.


Meydene opens up to sharing, tolerance and diversity. That's why opening up to the world, to others and to different cultures is essential to stir emotions and touch the essence of art and culture enthusiasts.


It's a fundamental value that is reflected in Meydene's contribution to the cultural radiance of Marrakech, as well as the dedication of Meydene's family members, men and women, who work every day to serve the national cultural heritage to ensure visitors have a memorable experience.

The Team

Our team at Meydene is committed to providing you with our professionalism and our perfect knowledge of the different components of our cultural and artistic center. Our team is young but experienced, versatile and united, but, above all, passionate, with a natural motivation to serve you and make your visit to “Meydene” as enjoyable as possible.

Our facilitators speak Arabic, French and English. They are the real keys to make you understand our unique immersive 2.0 experience.

They are essential to the success of your visit, so please do not hesitate to contact them directly. They are passionate about their job and love being in contact with people.Their values? Kindness, listening and dynamism.

We look forward to meeting you and exchanging with you.

The Gallery

Meydene is not limited to the Theatre and “Le Parcours” : it is an unusual world, a living space designed to offer our visitors a warm atmosphere around a permanent immersive and multimedia exhibition throughout the year and various other temporary exhibitions.

At Meydene’s lobby, the Expo gallery showcases both confirmed and emerging Moroccan and foreign artists, African or contemporary art, graffiti artists, photographers, or sculptors. For example, we could admire the works of the famous painter Brusk, who stands out for his mastery of the dripping technique, which gives his drawings a “dripping” aspect, or the unprecedented exhibition of Laid Liazid, who captured moments behind the scenes of photos of the Marrakech du Rire, highlighting all the artists and stars who performed alongside Jamal Debbouze.

Thanks to a partnership with “La Maison de la Photographie”, Meydene gave the opportunity to admire the permanent exhibition, allowing to discover the photographic treasures of Morocco and showcase the extraordinary diversity of Morocco, as seen by those, anonymous or famous, who have visited it from the beginnings of photography to the modern period: 1879-1960. An invitation to better know Morocco.

The Expo gallery also hosted the “Anonymus” exhibition by the photographer Malick Welli, a Senegalese artist living and working in Dakar who first became known by his photos of portraits of Senegalese children and mothers, and later evolved towards a more intimate and spiritual style of photos.

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Where to find us?

Avenue de la Ménara, Hivernage - 40000, Marrakech