Maroc Fashion Week

Maroc Fashion Week at Meydene

On Friday, March 10, 2023, Meydene at M-Avenue became the stage for a glamorous and promising event, the Morocco Fashion Week, showcasing the emerging talent of the new generation of designers.

The ochre city provided the perfect backdrop to host the Morocco Fashion Week, where the immersive journey of Meydene became the convergence point of creativity and talent. The fashion shows took place in an enchanting atmosphere, with 11 successive runway shows featuring established designers and young talents who mesmerized the audience with their unique creations.

Maroc Fashion Week: Spotlighting the New Generation of the Arab World

Under the discerning eyes of a jury comprised of renowned figures from the Arab fashion world, such as Saïd Mahlouf, Hany El Behairi, and Saher Okal, the Morocco Fashion Week runway show exceeded expectations by taking the form of a prestigious competition.

This unmissable event, created in 2017 and organized by the Oriental Fashion Show, blossomed at the heart of M-Avenue, conceived by the visionary mind of Nabil Slitine. M Avenue provided an idyllic setting to host this magnificent fashion show, leaving an indelible mark.